Gas multi-stream heat exchanger

Type WCmr heat exchangers are used for heating or/and cooling biogas, air and other process gases. WCmr heat exchangers are multi-stream, one sectional devices with mixing chamber at the gas inflow and outflow of the exchanger.

Heat exchanging pipelines are insulated with 5cm thick insulating material. Supporting structure, pipes and fittings are made of stainless steel. Heat transfer takes place through heat exchanging pipelines when media flows through pipes upstream.

Biogas cooling heat exchangers are fed with glycol solution from closed circuit connected with chiller and condenser. Our heat exchangers assure automatic condensate outlet to biogas network.
Biogas heating exchangers are usually used as a second step of biogas drying process – they are used in biogas drying stations after cooling exchangers. Heating medium can be hot biogas from process (biogas-biogas system) as well as hot water from boilers/ generators (hot water-biogas system).

Heat exchangers, both cooling and heating characterize with low pressure drops, lower than 2mbar.

Total heat transfer coefficient is calculated individually for each installation.