Condensate removal devices

In anaerobic digestion process biogas is highly moistened, as relative humidity reaches 100%. During biogas flow in the network, it cools down which results in condensation of water which must be collected and removed from biogas network.
All SiGa-Tech devices assure automatic condensate outflow. SiGa-Tech also offers devices which can be located at biogas network lowest points – condensate traps, condensate wells, condensate and foam separators etc.

Condensate Traps

Condensate traps are located at the lowest points of biogas network in form of closed tanks completely made of stainless steel. SiGa-Tech offers variety of condensate traps: condensate trap with suction pipe, with suction pipe and internal closing, with internal overflow, designed for low and high pressure.


Condensate Wells

Condensate well is an object mostly made in form of underground concrete chamber located at lowest point of biogas network. It is equipped with central pipes with condensate traps and gravitational or automatic condensate removal systems. For automatic condensate removal stationary or portable pumps are used. They are mounted with level measuring unit in condensate tanks. Properly designed sets of central pipes into wells are also distributor for biogas streams by-pass and separation.


Separator is a network device which is usually located near digesters/anaerobic reactors. In case of excessive foam production in digesters/anaerobic reactors they act as foam arrester and condensate trap.