Horizontal digester

Horizontal digesters are cylindrical shaped tanks with full, steel roof with diameter larger than its tank wall height (usually tank wall height does not exceed 6-7m). They are usually assembled on concrete foundation.

SiGa-Tech offers tanks with volume adjusted to Client needs. Tank elements are: tank sheets – epoxy coated, glass coated or made of stainless steel; mastic set, capped bolts and anchors, construction elements made of galvanized or stainless steel. Tank sheet coating material is resistant to aggressive and alkaline liquids in pH range from 2 to 14. Tank sheet edges are smooth and also covered with protective material.

Digesters are delivered with insulation and trapezoidal cover plates.

Anaerobic reactor with membrane cover

Anaerobic reactors with membrane cover are coated steel tanks adapted to assemble membrane cover in roof part of the tank.

They can be equipped with sludge internal heating system. Such reactor are widely used in agricultural biogas plants as primary tanks with one-layer membrane cover assembled on central mast, but also as main anaerobic reactors with double-layer membrane assembled at the top of the tank wall.