Desulphurization plants

Desulphurization systems produced by SiGa-Tech are based on microbial or chemical methods. Continuous investments into research and development and experience gathered from pilot and full scale industrial installations allowed us to develop technologically advanced, low-cost and efficient methods of biogas treatment.
In case of very high H2S concentrations in biogas most cost-effective are microbial installations. On the other hand, when H2S concentrations are medium or low chemical methods are unmatched, as they are more resistant to biogas composition and flow changes, as well as they do not generate process leachate.

SiGa-Tech offers variety of systems designed for biogas desulphurization: Biothrix microbial reactor operation is based on sprinkled film bed with sulfuric bacteria that prefer both neutral and acidic environment, Sulfax chemical reactor filled with granulate of our production - rich in Iron Hydroxide, sulfur reducing filters with activated or/ and impregnated carbon as Bicarbox filters and powders which can be disposed directly to digesters/anaerobic reactors.

In cases where H2S concentrations are very high or when there is necessity to achieve high desulphurization efficiency SiGa-Tech can offer multi-stage desulphurization systems, including systems combined from microbial and chemical methods.