Biogas network equipment

All offered devices in biogas recovery and utilization process lines are designed and produced by SiGa-Tech company.

Scope of offered devices is e.g. digesters / anaerobic reactors equipment: covers, domes, access doors and manholes, glass windows and over pressure valves.
Except equipment of facilities where biogas is produced - SiGa-Tech is offering all external biogas network devices:

  • condensate collection and removal devices: different types of condensate traps, condensate wells, scrubbers, catchers;
  • filters used for dust and sludge particles removal: polypropylene bed filters, gravel filters and fine mat filters;
  • sulphur removal stations: chemical and microbial systems;
  • storage and pressure stabilizing gasholders: pressure and non-pressure , membrane gasholders and gasholders in steel housing;
  • pressure increasing devices and systems;
  • biogas drying stations: modular and combined systems delivered in container, as a skid frame version located outside of the building or ready to be installed inside;
  • siloxane removal filters and systems;
  • gas flares with open, hidden and closed flame, low and high caloric, dedicated for biogas, biomethane or low caloric gases.

SiGa-Tech produces, delivers, assembles and starts-up all above mentioned devices.