SiGa-Tech offers complex solutions in the area of environmental engineering. We specialize in designing, production, assembly, start-up, service and maintenance of system for anaerobic digestion process, biogas networks, heat exchanging devices and also advanced cover systems with odour control installations.

Since the beginning of the 90s, SiGa-Tech has been designing, modernizing and expanding sewage sludge management systems and biogas networks at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, agricultural biogas plants, landfills and waste disposal plants.
We have delivered over 1000 devices and systems of our production to 17 countries worldwide.

SiGa-Tech is producer of all devices in technological line of biogas production and utilization.

Our scope of the offer is: delivery and assembly of digester and storage tanks, delivery and assembly of aluminium, membrane or floating covers, production of sludge heat exchangers and recuperators, production of gas domes, safety pressure valves, glass windows, production of condensate disposal devices such as condensate traps, condensate wells and production of biogas conditioning devices such as sulfur removal systems, drying stations, gasholders, pressure increasing stations and biogas flares.

SiGa-Tech continuously carries out research on many fields connected with environmental engineering which allows us to develop advanced technologies that in the future can broaden our offer with new devices for environment protection and renewable energies.