Hexa-cover floating covers

Unique, patented Hexa-Cover® system can be used for covering water storage tanks, sludge tanks, lagoons or other process liquids.

Hexa-Cover® is perfect solution for eliminating following problems:

  • evaporation;
  • organic growth;
  • heat loses;
  • odour emissions.

Hexa-Cover® can be used for covering almost any storage tanks, lagoons, containers, ponds etc.

Hexa-Cover® is delivered in big-bags and poured into tank where it spreads by its own forming closed cover. System guarantees easy access to liquid from every place in contraction to other cover systems where it is possible only from manholes. Floating hexagonal covers moves when touched allowing easy lifting and lowering of devices submerged in liquids. After lifting/placing device covers return to their position forming closed cover on liquid surface.


SiGa-Tech is representative of system producer:
Hexa-Cover A/S
Vilhelmsborgvej 5
DK 7700 Thisted, Denmark