Vertical digesters

Vertical digesters are cylindrical shaped tanks with full, steel roof with diameter smaller or close to its tank wall height. They are assembled on concrete foundation.

SiGa-Tech offers tanks with volume range from 50 to 10 000m3 in standard color based on cover technology or as stainless steel color. Tank elements are: tank sheets – epoxy coated, glass coated or made of stainless steel, mastic set, capped bolts and anchors, construction elements made from galvanized or stainless steel. Tank sheet coating material is resistant to aggressive and alkaline liquids in pH range from 2 to 14. Tank sheet edges are smooth and also covered with protective material.

Digesters are delivered with insulation and trapezoidal cover plates.

Digester construction is designed to withstand all loads and forces which react on roof and sidewall of tank.

Digesters are adapted to assemble mixer in the center of tank roof. Propeller mixers, as well as vertical pump mixers can be applied to our digesters.