Gas domes

Biogas dome is first technological element of biogas network. Domes are mounted at digester/anaerobic reactor roof. Biogas dome is equipped with two cut-off valves used to direct biogas flow to biogas network or to atmosphere through outlet chimney.

Biogas dome is also equipped with pressure gauge and connector pipes for biogas measurement.

Biogas dome can be additionally equipped with filter bed made of polypropylene rings for emergency foam stop which can be formed during digestion process. Dome is also additionally equipped with top and bottom manhole, connector pipes for pressure measurement as well as process water/liquid sprinklers for filter cleaning. Biogas dome can be also optionally equipped with foam detector.
Biogas dome as a whole device is made of stainless steel.

Biogas dome model

Dome / pipes diameter

UB/DP-400/100 DN 400 / DN 100
UB/DP-400/125 DN 400 / DN 125
UB/DP-400/150 DN 400 / DN 150
UB/DP-400/200 DN 400 / DN 200
UB-400/100 DN 400 / DN 100
UB-400/125 DN 400 / DN 125
UB-400/150 DN 400 / DN 150
UB-400/200 DN 400 / DN 200