Low calorific


Burning of biogas is realized by closed flame, which means that flame is entirely covered by chimney and can’t be visible from the outside of flare. Air inlet can be regulated manually or automatically, depending on flame temperature. Due to low calorific value of biogas (25-45% of CH4) every 2ls type flare is equipped with additional propane burner, supplied from the gas bottle. Temperature of biogas burning in this type of flare does not exceed 1 250 oC (set temperature)


Flare structure consists of following elements:

  • biogas inlet pipes with fittings;
  • support construction and burning chamber;
  • flame temperature measurement and air inlet regulation;
  • gas distributor with internal injector burners.
  • gas bottles set with propane gas

All construction elements of biogas flare are made of stainless steel.

Biogas flare equipment:

  • ignition electrodes with transformer;
  • UV probe;
  • main electro-valve;
  • main cut-off valve;
  • pilot electro-valve;
  • pilot flame arrester;
  • main flame arrester;
  • flame temperature measurement and air inlet regulation;
  • additional propane gas pilot line;
  • pressure switch with pressure gauge;
  • flare support construction;
  • flare chimney insulation;
  • local electrical box.