Odor filters

In order to reduce particularly disturbing odours which can cause discomfort for people storage tanks can be sealed and gaseous pollutants extracted to odour control systems.

SiGa-Tech offers complete odour control systems: delivery and assembly of cover system, blowers and air purification filters.

Air blowers generate low under-pressure inside covered area which allow extraction of gaseous pollutants and pump it into filters. Two filter systems are used: chemical (activated carbon bed) filters and microbial filters.

In microbial trickling filters offered by SiGa-Tech air flows through chamber filled with special material covered with biological film. Biological bed is trickled with water causing a layer of microbial biofilm to grow, covering the bed of media. In this process proper pH value is maintained and concentration of inhibiting substance is controlled.

Filter housing is in form of closed aluminium tank equipped with manholes allowing any service and maintenance works. Corrosion protection is made of plastic leak proof internal geo-membrane.