Biogas flare is a device designed for excess biogas burning during high biogas production when the production surpasses recipient demand for biogas or during emergency situations.

Biogas flare is a fully automated device which does not need any crew intervention during normal operation. Flare is equipped with ignition electrodes and thermocouple or UV probe which makes flare burning process fully automatic. Also flare ignition, flame control and biogas flow and cut off is automatic.

SiGa-Tech offers variety of flares which can be categorized by the way of flame protection and air quantity and burning temperature:

  • open flame flares - typ 0s;
  • hidden flame flares - typ 1s;
  • closed flame flares - typ 2s (including low caloric flares - type 2ls and biomethane flares type 2bms).

Biogas flare elements:

  • ignition electrodes with transformer;
  • UV probe or thermocouple;
  • main electro-valve;
  • main cut-off valve;
  • pilot electro-valve (only in type 1s and 2s flares);
  • pilot flame arrester (only in type 1s and 2s flares);
  • main flame arrester;
  • flame temperature measurement and air inlet regulation (optional);
  • pressure switch with pressure gauge;
  • flare support construction;
  • flare chimney insulation(only in type 2s flares);
  • local electrical box.