Self-supporting aluminium domes

Self-supporting aluminium domes are advanced, highly durable and safe cover systems which can be used for covering objects used for storage of process liquids such as primary settlers, thickeners, wastewater and sludge tanks, activated sludge chambers, potable water tanks and many other process liquid tanks.

Material used in dome elements production are aluminium alloys specially selected to work under highly aggressive conditions, where not only load capacity is important but also very important factor is resistance to corrosion. Aluminium oxidises and develops passive layer on the surface which prevents corrosion. Aluminium does not rust nor degrade under influence of UV rays.

Main structural elements of aluminium domes are aluminium beams which connected to each other in nodes creating structure wireframe. Together with aluminium sheets assembled between beams they create leak proof full cover.

Complete dome cover is made from following elements: connecting nodes/hubs, rigid or sliding supports, beam and hub covers, various screws and rivets with different diameter and length.
SiGa-Tech also offers flat self-supporting aluminium covers made of high profile aluminium elements resistant to noticeable live loads.

Walking on aluminium construction is allowed as our constructions are designed to withstand such live loads. All designing and production stages are carried out according to EUROCODES.