Biogas filters

One of the biogas conditioning system element is filtration. Type of the filter depends on filter location. In our offer there are two kinds of biogas filters – polypropylene filters and fine mat filters.
Filters are located mainly in process rooms near to digesters, in containers or underground concrete wells/ chambers.


Polypropylene filters (also gravel filters) are used for foam and condensate arresting which are taken out from anaerobic reactors/ digesters and driven to biogas network. They are located near anaerobic reactors / digesters, but also often mounted as an additional equipment of gasholders.

Polypropylene filters are mostly mounted in underground concrete chambers at the lowest point in biogas network.

Polypropylene filters are equipped with automatic condensate overflow, internal dividers which force biogas flow direction, cut-off valves, manholes and measurement pipes.

Polypropylene filters are completely made of stainless steel.


Biogas flow [Nm3/h]

Filter diameter [m]

Biogas pipes diameter

FZ-01 0 - 100 0.50 DN100
FZ-02 100 - 200 0.70 DN150
FZ-03 200 - 350 0.90 DN200
FZ-04 350 - 600 1.20 DN250
FZ-05 600 - 1000 1.65 DN300



Fine mat filters are used to catch sludge particles and small pollutants which can be driven out from digesters. Fine mat filters are located before pressure increasing devices or before biogas combustion devices.

Material responsible for biogas treatment is special fine mat that stops particles which can cause malfunction of propellers or burners.

Polypropylene filters are completely made of stainless steel.

Filter model

Biogas flow [Nm3/h]

Connecting pipes diameter

FTK 50 < 50 DN50
FTK 80 < 120 DN80
FTK 100 < 200 DN100
FTK 125 < 300 DN125
FTK 150 < 400 DN150
FTK 200 < 600 DN200
FTK 250 < 1 000 DN250