Profile of company activity

SiGa-Tech is a Polish engineering firm, which offers complex solutions in environmental protection.It specialises in designing, manufacturing, assembling and start-ups of complete recovery and reuse of biogas installations as well as sludge management installations.

Taking advantage of Polish and foreign experience as well as the most available modern technologies, the firm performs the designing, production and assembling works.

By co-operating with the biggest Polish and foreign partners, which operate in the area of environmental protection, we successively increase both the scope and quality of our services.



Biogas and sludge disposal installations during realization:

Kolo Industrial WWTP (Poland), Moirans WWTP (France), Dakar WWTP (Senegal), Warszawa Poludnie WWTP (Poland), Stodzew Industrial WWTP (Poland), Carcassonne WWTP (France), Biogas plant Stary Chwalim (Poland), Rawa Mazowiecka Industrial WWTP (Poland).

Last realized installations including process start-up:

Bydgoszcz WWTP (Poland), Opole WWTP (Poland), Tuchola WWTP (Poland), Lomza WWTP (Poland), Wysokie Mazowieckie Industrial WWTP (Poland), Aurillac WWTP (France), Elblag WWTP (Poland), Biogas plant Nowa Wies Elcka (Poland), Cielcza WWTP (Poland), Cubzac WWTP (France).