Sulfax DG

This method of desulphurization prevents from high H2S concentrations even before methanization phase begins. Powder is added to sludge before pumping it to digester/anaerobic reactor. Proper quantity of powder is calculated and batched once per day.

Sulfax DG powder can be stored outdoor under covered area protected from sunlight or in tank/silo which can be also used for batching powder.

Using Sulfax DG powder, unlike the other sulphur removal methods, protects whole biogas network from high H2S concentrations starting from digester/anaerobic reactor onwards. This method requires no investment costs. Sulphur removal process can be performed with variable efficiency depending on calculated powder quantity.

SiGa-Tech offers 6 types of powder with different physiochemical parameters which are shape, composition, quantity of active agent and reaction time.